Crystal Kung-Minkoff reveals if she had plastic surgery


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newcomer Crystal Kung-Minkoff has revealed whether or not she has had plastic surgery.

Newcomer Crystal Kung-Minkoff has revealed whether or not she has had plastic surgery for fans. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the star won over viewers with her straightforward demeanor. Crystal is the first Asian American to play the role of a housewife, and she’s thrilled to be holding a diamond.

Crystal hardly needed to introduce the women’s group, as she immediately found herself in a feud with Sutton Stracke over a “Tomisina” moment who left her “Violated”. While Crystal may be seen as a mean girl by some Bravo audiences, the mother-of-two has also brought some form of education when it comes to her culture. She has already received her new friends for an evening of dumpling making and introduced viewers to her Chinese culture. The newbie also received praise from Lisa Rinna for her vulnerability to her eating disorder.

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Earlier this week, Crystal took to Instagram for a quick Q&A with some of her fans. A curious follower asked, “Have you ever had a nose job?” You have a perfect Asian nose. The California resident revealed she was au naturel, saying: “Thanks. I’m all natural. Never even colored my hair.

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The latest edition of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills went on to say that she supported anyone’s choice to go under the knife, saying: “I’m 100% on all cosmetic stuff if that’s your thing.” The brunette shared that everyone should do what makes them feel good since it’s their body and their choice at the end of the day. Another fan asked if Crystal had ever had Botox, to which she replied that she had never tried it. She is only 35 years old and, in retrospect, much younger than most of her counterparts and is nowhere near in need of wrinkle treatment.

While she may not be in Beverly Hills beauty care, Crystal has noted that she struggles with melasma, which is a skin condition that often produces brown or blue spots that can look like spots. freckle. This skin condition is usually caused by an overproduction of cells that help restore the color of your skin. For The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Viewers, it was refreshing to see a housewife with such a fresh face who is happy to kiss the skin she is in. Fans can tune in to see if she works things out with Sutton but no one is holding their breath.

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