City of Tampa: Mayor Jane Castor Presents Fiscal 2022 Budget with Focus on Strengthening Tampa Foundation


Today, Mayor Jane Castor presented a Fiscal 2022 budget focused on the theme of strengthening the Tampa Foundation and using new technology to help Tampa residents more easily see how their money is. spent on city services.

“A solid foundation – whether it’s infrastructure, housing, fiscal strength, opportunity or security – is what enables a community like ours to be resilient in the face of challenges and ambitious when it is about improving the quality of life of each neighborhood ”, Mayor Castor spoke about the budget that maintains the tax rate while investing significantly in essential needs such as affordable housing, maintenance of long-delayed infrastructure and improved emergency medical response times by adding personnel, fire stations and rescue vehicles.

Tampa’s latest budget proposal makes history by taking budget transparency to the next level.

In partnership with OpenGov, a leader in cloud technology for local governments, the city makes the budget available on a portal that invites residents to better understand the budget for fiscal year 2022, track spending for major projects, access to charts, tables, other visualization data, and more. It also helps break down data silos between departments and allow the community to access meaningful metrics on tax expenditures and key initiatives across the city with just a few clicks.

“Our residents deserve to know how their tax dollars are spent,” said Mayor Castor. “As good financial managers, we want the public to be able to engage as easily and transparently as possible in our budget process. OpenGov provides the 21st century tools to visualize meaningful data that shows how funds are spent to run the city and transform the day after Tampa. “

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