City Girls’ Jt denies plastic surgery claims

Yung Miami and JT are members of American hip-hop group City Girls. Yung Miami was born Caresha Romeka Brownlee in February 1994. (born Jatavia Shakara Johnson; December 1992).

The Miami, Fla.-based pair rose to prominence in 2018 with an uncredited guest performance on Drake’s hit “In My Feelings.”


Mother of a son born in 2013 and a daughter born in 2019, Yung Miami. In 2020, her son’s father was shot and killed. Southside, a record producer, is the father of her daughter.

Yung Miami was the victim of a drive-by shooting on August 6, 2019 in Miami after leaving Circle House Studios.

His red Mercedes-Benz G-Class was shot in the spare wheel as an unidentified assailant in a dark sedan attempted to shoot him. She was unharmed.

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Photo after JT’s surgery

JT is the most recent celebrity to be accused of altering his appearance through plastic surgery. Hollywood has now embraced the high-profile trend, so fans assume most celebrities have had a procedure or two.

Following the appearance of images of city ​​girls An old photo of the rapper taken when she was a teenager, they recently claimed she had her nose done.

It’s natural for the rapper to look different as a child than as an adult, but some fans believe JT’s appearance didn’t change naturally but rather as a result of cosmetic surgery. .

She has since attacked the claims online with receipts denying she ever had any kind of plastic surgery. news claims that the old mugshot used as evidence against her is unreliable, and she claims that her skin simply improved.

The artist shared a selfie with the mugshot and a more recent one of herself sans makeup. JT said on his Instagram Story, “I have never had an operation.” Please refrain from using my chubby puberty acne cup photos.

I was a young, lost youngster with terrible skin, baking in the Florida sun! Move on; I am an adult, compensated and polite now. The contrast between the images really shows how little her features have changed.

Before surgery Photo by JT

Fans started to agree and exclaim how much difference skincare makes. A popular comment said, “Skincare is crucial and will transform your face overall!! Another supporter joked, “Remember…You’re not unattractive…just broke. “should be the legend.

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When critics insisted the rapper had cosmetic surgery even though the photographs were essentially exact reproductions, they were slammed.

One user shot back, “He legitimately appears the same in both pictures, though.” Others noted that the rapper’s skin looked lighter than it was, which could potentially be linked to the Florida sun.

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