Christie Brinkley Reveals Serious Eye Problem, Has Spooky Surgery

Christie Brinkley was surprisingly calm about a doctor who pierced her eyeball for an operation she needed last week. The model said her eye doctor discovered she had an acute angle closure and needed a procedure to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. It was the last medical procedure for Brinkley, who also had hip replacement surgery last year.

On December 15, Brinkley posted a photo of herself behind her eye doctor’s gear on Instagram. “[I] I want you to read this, so you can still do it, “Brinkley began, replacing” I “with an eye emoji.” I just found out I have something called Acute Angle Closure. I only found out because I included an eye exam as part of my annual physical exam and my brilliant ophthalmologist detected this problem. “

Brinkley noted that his doctor could fix the problem by “punching a hole” in your eye. “It’s not as horrible as it sounds. In fact, I just did in this pic, it’s a piece of cake,” she wrote. “But if it was not treated, it could have resulted in loss of vision … So I am very grateful!” Brinkley, 67, also thanked his doctor and told his 736,000 subscribers to make sure they also get eye exams.

Brinkley fans were happy to see her doing well after the spooky surgery. “Isn’t it just amazing what the Docs can do these days,” one fan wrote. “I’m happy to hear they caught him on time,” commented another. “So glad they detected that… annual eye exams are important, as are good doctors,” wrote another fan.

Closure of the acute angle is an urgent and rare problem, according to the American Association of Ophthalmology (AAO). Symptoms included blurry vision, sore red eyes, headache, vomiting, and nausea. “The diagnosis is made by noting high intraocular pressure (IOP), corneal edema, a shallow anterior chamber and a closed angle on gonioscopy,” according to the AAO. “Medical or surgical treatment is aimed at widening the angle and preventing the angle from closing again. If glaucoma has developed, it is treated with therapies to lower the IOP. “

Brinkley has a lot of experience with rescue procedures. Last fall, she finally underwent hip replacement surgery to address lingering issues caused by the injuries she sustained in the 1994 helicopter crash she survived. She was told she would need a hip replacement over 12 years ago, but continued to stop it, even though the hip pain got worse. Brinkley also needed medical attention after breaking his wrist while rehearsing for Dancing with the stars in 2019. Brinley was replaced by his daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, who finished the season in third place.

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