Chrissy Teigen looks so different 7 months after plastic surgery

It’s been almost a year since Chrissy Teigen underwent a buccal fat removal procedure to remove some of the fat from her cheeks, and she hardly looks like the same woman. Teigen has also made many other positive changes in her personal life that have seemingly sparked the dramatic transformation that fans can’t help but adore. Either way, Teigen has been looking like a new woman lately, and that’s certainly a good look at the 36-year-old cookbook author and mother of two.

Chrissy Teigen’s new look

Last year, Chrissy Teigen shared a video on Instagram showing fans the result of a plastic surgery procedure called oral fat removal. The procedure made Teigen’s cheekbones look much more pronounced and also helped add new definition to her jawline. At the time, Teigen also attributed the removal of alcohol as the reason for her new look and said, simply but sincerely, “I like it.”

It’s been almost exactly seven months since Teigen had the oral fat removal procedure, and her face has changed even more in that time. There was a distinct difference when the procedure was initially performed, but that’s nothing compared to Teigen’s current appearance.

To be fair, a big part of the reason Teigen looks so different in her latest photo from her family vacation in Hawaii is her eyebrows. They were clearly filled in giving Teigen a fuller set than usual. That being said, we don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that her face has changed a lot in just a few months. Check out this photo from the Super Bowl just two months ago for comparison.

Super Bowl Styles

A total lifestyle change

Let’s be clear before anyone gets it wrong: we’re not complaining. In fact, we think Teigen looks amazing! She’s been open about the changes she’s made in her life, including not drinking anymore. In a January Instagram post, Teigen wrote, “6 months booze free! Honestly, it kind of sucks to say that because even though I never feel like it now, time hasn’t really passed haha.

Teigen went on to add that she doesn’t know if she’ll “never drink again,” although she noted that she’s seen many improvements since quitting. “I now have endless energy, a lot less anxiety (no more benzos!) and I’m *happier* and more present than ever. It’s really cool.” It’s almost as if Teigen’s inner happiness started flowing from her and the difference it made to her was impossible to miss.

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