Cast members who have had weight loss surgery

Many stars of the 90 Day Fiance franchise have decided to embark on physical transformations, and some have relied on weight loss surgery to achieve smoother bodies.

A lot 90 day fiancé The franchise players and alumni have undergone dramatic physical transformations, and we’re going to talk about the players who lost weight through weight loss procedures. Like many reality stars, some celebrities from the 90 day fiancé franchise continued to transform plastic surgery. Others have relied on weight loss surgery to help them reduce their body weight, which can have a positive impact on their overall health.

Many of these physical changes have been caused by plastic surgery. Cast members like Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava and Larissa Lima invested in plastic surgery to get the look they always wanted. Other cast members, such as Paola Mayfield and Erika Owens, like to change their hair up with wigs or dye. Plastic surgery is a hot topic among 90 day fiancé alumni, as cast members such as Yara Zaya have supported the physical alterations, while Julia Trubkina has criticized young people who turn to cosmetic surgery. This has led to strife and controversy in the franchise and among viewers. Julia told people to stop being “lazy” and go to the gym to lose weight.

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Many of the cast have let fans know that they have had positive experiences with weight loss surgery. Other cast members, such as Jorge Nava, Molly Hopkins, and Andrew Kenton, have lost considerable weight without procedures. Jorge lost weight behind bars, while Molly turned to diet and exercise, and Andrew was successful with a Keto meal plan. However, many more have been open about the procedures they went through and how those procedures changed their bodies, health, and relationships.

Angela Deem

Angela Deem has been very open about documenting her weight loss journey on 90 Day Fiancé: Forever? In fact, viewers complained that Angela’s plot began to feature only plastic surgery, which her husband Michael did not approve of. Angela’s decision to pursue liposuction, gastric sleeve surgery and breast reduction created a rift in her marriage. As the grandmother insists she got the procedures to breathe easier, many viewers called out to Angela because she is a heavy smoker. Viewers believe Angela, who has been accused of verbally abusing Michael, has become obsessed with his image. They believe she’s hoping to land her own spinoff show that focuses on her weight loss.

Rebecca parrott

Rebecca Parrott-no-glam-makeup- 90 Day Fiancé

Like Angela, Rebecca Parrott is another American actress who married a younger man and underwent cosmetic procedures and weight loss operations. Rebecca tried to keep up with her young husband Zied by changing his appearance. This involved laser micro liposuction and a mini tummy tuck to remove excess skin. Rebecca has been very open about her procedures and appears in before and after photos online, meant to motivate people who want to lose weight. However, Rebecca has also been criticized for focusing so much on her looks, especially since both Angela and Rebecca have been pushing gimmick weight loss products on their social media accounts in order to make money. They did this even though surgery is responsible for both of their slim figures.

Tiffany Franco Smith

Tiffany Franco Smith is another woman from Happy forever that has been open on her weight loss journey. Like Angela, Tiffany turned to gastric sleeve surgery to improve her health. Ronald Smith’s wife said the procedure was necessary for both her health and happiness. Tiffany made it clear that she always had confidence in her body regardless of size and said she wanted to focus on her health. Although Tiffany has become a villain in the franchise due to her messy relationship with Ronald, many viewers have praised the makeup artist for her stunning appearance. While Tiffany is mocked for wearing off-shoulder tops, viewers are applauding her overall appearance. Most think she is beautiful.

Narkyia Lathan

Narkyia Lathan is another actor who has had amazing results from gastric sleeve surgery. The season 4 actor surprised fans by overcoming his issues with Olulowo Shodipe. The two have since married and had a child together, although Narkyia first underwent weight loss surgery before she became pregnant. Narkyia said she traveled to Mexico for the operation after she was allegedly denied the procedure in the United States. She refused to let the pregnancy derail her with her weight loss. She showed incredible determination. Narkyia lost weight after giving birth and had a panniculectomy to remove her excess skin. She then underwent a tummy tuck. Fans applauded her successful weight loss journey.

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David Toborowksy (Rumor)

Annie and David: 90 Day Fiance Update 2019

Annie’s husband Suwan Toborowsky has seen his weight change dramatically over the years, and some fans believe it is because he sometimes abuses Annie’s delicious Thai food. Viewers speculated that David had turned to weight loss surgery in the past to change his body. Some have wondered if David had undergone weight loss surgery and replaced eating with drink, which might explain his drinking problem when he first met Annie in Thailand. Fans believe there is a correlation between alcoholism and weight loss surgery due to the fact that people trade one addiction for another. David never said he had undergone a weight loss procedure. However, he was open to the idea of ​​getting new teeth.

Colt Johnson (Rumor)

90-Day-Fiancé-Vanessa-Guerra-Colt-Johnson-90 Day-The Single Life

Colt Johnson is another cast member who is said to have changed his body through surgery. Vanessa Guerra’s husband (and ex of Larissa Lima and Jess Caroline) has seen his appearance change over the years. Colt’s body has been on view to fans ever since the American enjoys wearing Speedo swimsuits on national television. While Colt attributed his new slim look to the change in his diet and focus on exercise, some viewers are in awe of his weight loss. They wondered if he had turned to surgery to get his new look. Colt said he watched what he ate and stayed active. It was easier for him to do this due to more free time during confinement. But 90 day fiancé viewers dislike Colt, many have praised his dramatic weight loss.

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