Canberra doctor wins top AMA award for diversity in medicine

Canberra-based orthopedic hand and wrist surgeon Dr Jennifer Green trained in New South Wales and completed fellowship training at the Indiana Hand Centre, Indianapolis, USA and Institut de la Main, Paris, France.

Dr. Helen McArdle, Chair of the AMA Committee on Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, presented the award to Dr. Green at the AMA National Conference.

I am delighted to announce that Dr. Green is the recipient of this award for her outstanding contribution to the promotion and implementation of equity, inclusion and diversity initiatives within the medical profession and the workplace,” said Dr. McArdle.

“Dr. Green is the founder of the International Orthopedic Diversity Alliance (IODA), a newly formed non-profit association with over 800 members worldwide that champions diversity, equity and inclusion in orthopedics,” said Dr. McArdle.

“As Chair of the Australian Orthopedic Association (AOA) Women’s Orthopedic Link from 2018-2020, she was directly responsible for implementing the AOA’s inaugural diversity strategy. And she helped establish the AOA’s Cultural Inclusion Task Force. »

Dr McArdle said Dr Green promotes diversity, equity and inclusion every day through presentations at scientific meetings on orthopedics and hand surgery in Australia and overseas, the publication factual articles, contributions to webinars and podcasts, medical student events and was an active diversity advocate. on social media platforms.

Dr. Green is a member of the AOA Champions of Change, a national committee made up of (mostly) male representatives from all states who are #heforshe advocates. She is passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion in surgery and particularly in orthopedics which is the least diverse medical specialty in the world.

Dr. Green has also held positions as Supervisor of AOA Training, the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (RACS) State ACT Committee and the National RACS Women in Surgery Section Committee.

She sits on the board of the Australian Hand Surgery Society and is the Australian representative of the Asia Pacific Federation of Hand Surgery Societies (APFSSH).

Dr Green promotes diversity, equity and inclusion on a daily basis through presentations at scientific meetings on orthopedics and hand surgery in Australia and overseas, publication of evidence-based articles, contributions webinars and podcasts, medical student events, and active advocacy on social media platforms.

In congratulating Dr Green, outgoing WADA President Dr Omar Khorshid said it was important for the medical profession to embody and promote equity, inclusion and diversity.

“We created this award to highlight our commitment and contribution to making medicine more inclusive and diverse.

“Dr. Green has led by example in this area and I am delighted to honor him as the first-ever recipient of this important award,” said Dr. Khorshid.

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