British Twins Now Want Matching Designer Private Parts After Spending RM795,000 On Plastic Surgery | Life

After spending RM 795,000 on plastic surgeries, twins Dolly and Daisy Simpson now want to have a private designer party to match. – Screenshot from YouTube / This morning

KUALA LUMPUR, October 5 – A pair of British twins, who spent £ 140,000 (RM 795,689) on surgeries to look identical, now want to have designer private parts to match.

Dolly and Daisy Simpson, 25, of Stockton-on-Tees, made the reveal when they appeared on a TV show This morning with their mom Christina to discuss their decision to go under the knife after they had matching nose and breast work, Daily mail reported.

The sisters told host Phillip Scofield that they are hoping to have a corresponding labiaplasty and are also considering having Brazilian butt lift surgery to change their appearance.

Daisy said her face was a little rounder.

“And when we go to the surgeon, we ask for the same look and try to get the same result,” Dolly said.

The duo’s journey into plastic surgery began with lip fillers at the age of 18.

They then progressed to nose job and breast work together during the pandemic, with the couple deciding to have the procedure on the same day and with the same surgeon.

“Dolly had labiaplasty and I haven’t had it yet,” Daisy said.

Dolly, however, said Daisy had booked for the procedure but had not yet undergone it due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Asked by Scofield about the need to be alike, Daisy blamed it on insecurity.

“We don’t have to be alike, it’s just that we both have this insecurity.

“We want to be alike and we want the same surgeons, but she’s a little more extreme than me. I don’t want to look exactly like her.

The twins said they paid for their surgeries with the money they saved by doing naked OnlyFans content.

Christina said she believed her daughters were beautiful even before undergoing the procedures.

“I believe there were various things that triggered this. They were bullied at school for being twins and dressed alike.

“They didn’t feel very good about themselves. Social media has a big impact, ”she said.

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