Bravo Hair Clinic goes above and beyond to prove why it is the best hair clinic in Turkey

Founded in 2010 by Dr Ozan Balik, Bravo Hair Clinic aims to prove why it is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health as the premier destination for hair transplant in Istanbul.

Bravo Hair Clinic is the culmination of a career dedicated to providing patients with a range of cosmetic enhancement treatments including hair transplants, laminar facelifts and structural rhinoplasty surgeries.

“After graduating from Adana Karşiyaka High School, I continued to study electronic engineering at Istanbul University. However, I suffered from health issues which required a series of surgeries. Ironically, what could have been a serious disadvantage turned out to be my saving grace, putting me on a completely different path, ”says Bravo Hair Clinic founder Dr Ozan Balik.

“I switched to medical studies at the Faculty of Medicine of Çukurova University in 1993. From the first semester I knew that I wanted to specialize in surgery, especially in reconstructive microsurgery. I remember spending all of my free time in the operating rooms to improve my surgical skills.

His thesis – A Successful Neurotization of Two Different Muscles Using a Single Intact Motor Nerve – has been published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery.

Istanbul hair transplant

“The history of hair transplantation begins with the famous New York dermatologist Norman Orentreich, who discovered the principle in the 1950s. To know where you are and where you are going, you have to know where we come. Knowing why we are evolving, rather than just focusing on the practicalities, allows us to better understand and improve what we do.

The range of treatments offered by the Bravo Hair Clinic includes:

– Sapphire hair transplant
– DHI hair transplant
– Manual FUE hair transplant
– Hair transplant without shaving
– Beard / mustache transplant
– Eyebrow / eyelash transplant
– Laser hair care after hair transplant

Bravo Hair Clinic is a private clinic located in the heart of Istanbul, which is proving to be an increasingly popular destination for medical tourism. The clinic uses the most advanced techniques and computerized 3D modeling to guarantee exceptional results.

“We aim to provide patients with a peaceful, pristine environment where they feel comfortable and which reflects the confidence we have in our world-class medical services,” concludes Dr Balik.


About Bravo Hair Clinic

Bravo Hair Clinic was founded by Dr. Ozan Balik in 2010. The clinic aims to provide patients with a range of cosmetic enhancement treatments, including hair transplantation, bilaminar facelifts and structural rhinoplasty surgeries. Bravo Hair Clinic uses computerized 3D modeling and the most advanced medical techniques to achieve exceptional results. It is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health as the premier destination for hair transplant in Istanbul.

About Ozan Balik, MD

Dr Ozan Balik was born in Adana in 1975. After graduating from Adana KarÅŸiyaka High School, he continued his studies in Electronic Engineering at Istanbul University before studying Medicine at Faculty of Medicine. from Çukurova University in 1993. After graduating, Dr Balik worked at ViranÅŸehir State Hospital, then at Göztepe SSK (Social Insurance Authority) Hospital Anesthesia and Resuscitation Department. In 2002, he decided to specialize in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir, obtaining his certification from the National Council in 2008 before being appointed head of the hospital’s plastic surgery clinic. of Edirne State. In 2010, Dr Balik resigned to pursue a career in private practice and open his Bravo Hair Clinic in Istanbul. He is a member of the Amrikan Plastic Surgery Society, the European Rhinoplasty Society and the Turkish Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Society.

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Company Name: Bravo Hair Transplant Clinic
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Call: +90 532 679 18 33
Address:Levent Mah. Çilekli Cad. No: 10
City: Be? Ikta ?, Istanbul
Country: Turkey

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