Attractive aesthetics and well-being provide comprehensive health and wellness services to the community

Alluring Aesthetics and Wellness offers comprehensive health and wellness services in Riverview and surrounding areas. Owner Christine Cunning’s goal is to make her customers feel their best again.

Alluring Aesthetics and Wellness offers comprehensive health and wellness services in Riverview and surrounding areas.

“We are proud to offer cosmetic services, medically supervised weight loss programs, neurotoxins, fillers, facials, various skin care lines and rich fibrin treatments. in platelets, ”said owner Christine Cunning. “We are very proud to offer the VirtueRF microneedling treatment. We are the only aesthetic and wellness center in the region to offer this state-of-the-art procedure. This microneedling treatment delivers 36 gold-coated needles of the Smart RF precisely to a specified depth to provide immediate results. Over time, this process will provide continuous results and improvement in a virtually painless process. “

Cunning and her husband moved to Apollo Beach from San Diego, California in October 2020.

“We chose Florida for the good weather, the beaches and the access to the water,” Cunning said. “Having worked in plastic surgery for years, I developed a passion for aesthetics. Once we moved to Florida I decided to open my own practice doing exactly what I love. This is how Alluring Aesthetics and Wellness was created. I have been open for about six months now.

The ruse is open with his goal with his business.

“We believe that you will find affordable and competitive rates for all of our services, and we know that you will appreciate our superior customer service,” said Cunning. “Our primary goal is to take care of you. We are a women-owned and operated business, proud to offer our services to women and men 16 years of age and over. Parental authorization is required for minors. We are also proud to offer discounts to military, veterans and students.

Cunning believes that what makes his business different from other aesthetics and wellness companies in the region is its size.

“Because I’m a small practice, my patients have direct access to me,” Cunning said. “I like my clients to feel and look their best. Nothing makes me happier than when my clients see their results and smile.

Keeping things local is also important to Cunning and his staff.

“I think when you shop locally, you are doing a lot more than getting the items you want quickly and easily,” Cunning said. “When you buy local, it actually boosts our community’s economy, helps local schools and charities, and even helps the environment. “

If you would like to learn more about the services offered by Alluring Aesthetics and Wellness, visit or call Cunning at 753-9652. Alluring Aesthetics and Wellness is located at 13134 Vail Ridge Dr. in Riverview.

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