ARA Diagnostic Imaging is looking to fill over 60 open positions and offers exciting careers in a positive work environment

Since 1954, the practice of medical imaging ARA Diagnostic Imaging has served the Central Texas community by diagnosing diseases and conditions through imaging, performing minimally invasive procedures, and providing a compassionate, patient-centered approach.

“If it’s the right thing for a patient at the right time, we strive to make it happen,” said Craig Cunningham, CEO of ARA Diagnostic Imaging. “If you spend a lot of time around the ARA, you’ll learn very quickly that it’s very patient-focused.”

ARA provides advanced diagnostic medical imaging such as CT, MRI, ultrasound, PET/CT and more at its 17 outpatient clinics and also serves 22 Austin area hospitals. In addition to diagnostics, ARA physicians perform minimally invasive procedures for conditions such as prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, uterine fibroids, and varicose veins.

“With healthcare right now, it’s not an easy space. But radiology in particular is a really fun field for people who want to be in healthcare, who maybe don’t want to work du clinical side,” Cunningham said. “We treat really sick patients every day and see them improve with some of our interventional and molecular radiology procedures. As an expert physician support team, our jobs are very rewarding.

Currently, ARA has about 65 job offers. Radiology technologists are in greatest demand, especially MRI technologists and mammography technologists, but there are also opportunities for paramedics, paramedics, planners, insurance specialists and front desk administrators looking to use their talents for meaningful work.

“It’s really rooted in a culture that’s centered around one big family, your work family,” Cunningham said. “You spend more waking hours at work than at home, so we strive to make the employees we have feel like part of the team.”

Cunningham said one thing all ARA employees have in common is a sense of pride in their work, and it’s not uncommon for ARA employees to serve 25 to 30-year terms. With the help of its strong training department, recent high school or college graduates can start in entry-level positions and have ample opportunity to advance into a top career path.

“We’re always looking for people who want to advance in their careers,” Cunningham said. “We have the opportunity to start at ground level and grow through the organization. We have training that helps provide and facilitate your career growth. We really want people to come and stay for a long time.

ARA currently has over 1,000 employees who love what they do for several reasons: work-life balance, career development opportunities, and playing a role in helping community members on a daily basis. Some positions offer remote and hybrid options, and ARA Hospital Relations Associates have a seven-day-on-seven-days-off option that may soon be expanded to other titles.

ARA also prioritizes employee feedback by holding town hall meetings each quarter to make necessary changes. Its annual “Bright Ideas” program collects insights and input from employees to ensure workflows are running at peak performance.

Working in an ever-changing field, Cunningham said it was impossible to get bored as an ARA employee, calling it a space where medicine, the art of medicine and technology meet daily.

“Radiology finds itself as a specialty of medicine at the epicenter of the healthcare journey,” Cunningham said. “If you walk into a reading room where a radiologist is reading, you would think you were at NASA. This is really where technology and medicine collide, and it doesn’t change. Our field is progressing.

Currently, ARA offers registration bonuses of $5,000 and a relocation bonus of $1,500 for CT, MRI and Mammography technologists. New ambulance and paramedic employees receive a registration bonus of $2,500, and X-ray technicians are offered a registration bonus of $2,500 and a relocation bonus of $1,500.

“Come explore and see if it suits you. It’s always worth having a conversation,” Cunningham said. “We invite people to visit our website, check out our career board, and see if there’s anything that intrigues them.”

Interested in a career in radiology at ARA Diagnostic Imaging? Head toward to see all current job postings and learn more about the hiring process.

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