Applying antibiotic powder to fresh wounds to aid healing may trigger ulceration, surgeon warns

Angela Onwuzoo

A Professor of Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Mike Ogirima, has warned Nigerians against applying antibiotic powder to fresh wounds, noting that the practice cannot help healing.

Prof Ogirima noted that applying antibiotic powder to fresh wounds to aid healing is unscientific, noting that those who indulge in it are just wasting their money and exposing the wounds to ulceration and possible infection.

According to the orthopedic surgeon, there is no scientific basis for treating fresh wounds with antibiotic powder, warning that applying such concoctions and other topical concoctions to fresh wounds could cause them to escalate into chronic wounds.

Professor Ogirima, former President of the Nigerian Medical Association, said so in an exclusive interview with PUNCH Healthwise.

He blamed illiteracy for the practice of treating fresh wounds with antibiotics, noting that anyone who engages in the act is unaware of how to manage wounds.

The professor urged injured patients to seek proper treatment from doctors, noting that seeking treatment from quacks could lead to further serious complications.

He explained: “Wounds are usually a defect in the skin. When there is a defect in the skin, whether intentional or accidental, it will cause the underlying structure under the skin to be exposed.

“Applying concoction and all sorts of things to wounds is quackery. If you don’t know what you’re treating, that means you don’t have the basics to treat it.

“Wounds have different categories and any wound that persists in the body for more than six weeks is called a chronic wound. We also have acute wounds.

“Now the treatment of fresh cuts on the skin is different. There is a lot of illiteracy and ignorance in the practice where people start applying all sorts of unorthodox things to a fresh cut.

“Ideally, a fresh wound once inflicted by a surgeon or accidental should be cleaned and affixed.”

He explained that there are different categories of wound sizes that might need to be assisted to facilitate their healing.

He noted that the human body can naturally heal any type of injury.

“We have this natural ingredient in the body that will heal any injury.

“We have this natural ingredient in the body that will heal any injury.

“But when we need to help in the healing process, we need to follow several factors to help a wound heal.

“Factors include; attend to the wound as soon as possible, close the wound if it has been cleaned, and the procedure for closing the wound varies between surgical procedures.

“So the idea of ​​having all kinds of substances, whether it’s ampicillin powder, antibiotic powder or any other type of powder, doesn’t exist.

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