Angelina Jolie’s eyes, JLO’s buttocks and Michelle Keegan’s lips… – ATV Today

… Are among the most popular features for British women.

A study for cosmetic surgery providers Pall Mall found which celebrities have the most influence on the nation’s appearance – and for men, it’s Brad Pitt’s hair, Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs and buttocks. David Beckham. The stats resulted in the mock-up of the two “ideal” bodies, also featuring Jennifer Aniston’s arms and shoulders for women and Tom Cruise’s eyes for men.

Cheryl Cooper, Patient Experience Manager at Pall Mall:

“It’s interesting and fun to see who the British public would like to be like and who inspires cosmetic surgery. The same names have appeared on many lists, showing the people who inspire us the most – primarily Kate Middleton and Cristiano Ronaldo, suggesting that men want muscle and athletic ability while women want classic, timeless looks.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, featured prominently in the investigation, with British women wanting to have her nose, legs and hair. While Manchester United legend Cristiano Ronaldo is who men want to be most like, he comes out on top for abs, shoulders, legs, arms and even chin.

When it comes to skin texture, George Clooney and Cheryl Cole took home the crown, while Davina McCall beat women half her age in the list for her abs. And after her recent return to the limelight, Adele came in second for most wanted eyes and third for hair. Other famous faces that the British inspire include Beyonce, Tom Daley and Anthony Joshua.

Cheryl Cooper, Patient Experience Manager at Pall Mall:

“It’s not uncommon for cosmetic surgery patients to be inspired by other people they’ve seen, and images of famous people help them articulate the end goal they seek.

The study also found that one in eight adults had undergone cosmetic surgery, with the most popular procedures being breast augmentation, hair transplants and abdominal etching. More than a quarter of them also underwent skin fillings, scar removal or correction and liposuction.

Of the 12 percent who had work done, 42 percent were inspired by the look of a famous person. And four in five of those who have had surgery are open to the fact that they have had cosmetic surgery when 60 percent have had more.

Top reasons why procedures were followed included improving confidence (69%) and feeling more attractive (55%). But many have had surgery as a result of a life-changing experience, such as childbirth (50%), accident or illness (48%), and weight loss (43%). Before going under the knife, people thought about it for an average of four years.

Of those who have yet to take the plunge, 23% would consider having cosmetic surgery, with a face or neck lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction the main things they would like to do. Social media, celebrity photos, and reality TV shows are some of the main sources of inspiration for people to consider surgery. 13% of people polled via OnePoll said the lockdown prompted them to have cosmetic surgery because they spent more time on their own scrutinizing their appearance.

Ullas Raghavan, Facial Plastic Surgeon from Pall Mall:

“While celebrity and influencer photos are a great way for patients to express what they are looking to get from the surgery, ultimately our job is to make sure the patient has realistic expectations and understands what is going on. is achievable.

“Most of the patients we see want to improve some part of their body that is preventing them from enjoying everyday life – they have usually been considering surgery for four to six years and understand that it is not something to take away. slight. When it does, cosmetic surgery can really change your life. “

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