Advanced Colorectal and General Surgery Launches New Website to Provide Medical Advice and Treatments for Colorectal and General Surgery | Taiwan News

SINGAPORE Media outreach January 28, 2022 – Advanced Colorectal and General Surgery recently launched a new website, to provide honest and transparent advice to the general public on how colorectal and other non-invasive surgeries are commonly performed for various medical conditions.

Having encountered many patients who seek advice on colorectal and general surgery issues, most of them were confused and unsure how to identify common underlying symptoms and available treatments.

With the new website, the general public will be well informed and equipped with the necessary medical knowledge on how to proceed with their medical condition before it is too late. The center also strongly believes that with early detection of symptoms, there can be early intervention and preventive treatment through a wide range of minimally invasive surgeries to achieve the best treatment results.

The new website will focus on laparoscopic surgery, colonoscopy screening, cyst removal, endoscopy, hernia surgery and other common general surgeries. Along with the standard surgical treatments, there is a comprehensive list of common symptoms people should watch out for if they are unsure of their condition. The website also offers other useful information, such as the basic costs of different surgeries and applicable medical insurance.

About advanced colorectal and general surgery

Advanced Colorectal and General Surgery is a Singapore-based medical center headed by Dr. QM Leong.

Dr. QM Leong graduated from the University of London and gained membership in the Royal College Of Surgeons Of Edinburgh in 2003. He also received his Fellowship from the Royal College Of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2008. His most notable achievement was to receive the prestigious MOH HMDP Fellowship to train under Professor Kim Seon Hahn at Korea University for Laparoscopic and Robotic Colorectal Surgery in 2010.

Dr. QM Leong has extensive knowledge in colorectal and general surgery. And his medical philosophy is, “A good surgeon knows how to operate. A better surgeon knows when to operate. The best surgeon knows when not to operate.


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