Actress Elizabeth Banks was once encouraged to do plastic surgery

Starting a career in Hollywood is easier said than done. The difficulty of getting enough attention from producers and directors for an important acting role as a young starlet is a frightening experience.

In view of this, many of these actors chose to undergo plastic surgery before embarking on a career in the entertainment industry.
It’s safe to say that a combination of acting skills and beauty (fake or not) could draw attention to those who want to make their way into Hollywood.

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However, to some, the thought of going under the knife to increase their odds might seem demeaning.

One actress who believed her talent coupled with her perseverance would put her foot in the world of theater was Hollywood A-lister Elizabeth banks. When an agent advised her to have plastic surgery to get more attention, her reaction made it clear that her advice was not appreciated.

Elizabeth Banks refused the idea of ​​going under the knife

In the past, the actress has championed several activities regarding gender equality in the entertainment industry. She never mince words when expressing her opinion on Hollywood’s treatment of women.

Although many would call her cause a feminist, her reasons for being at the forefront of battles for gender equality stem only from her personal experiences as a rising star in Hollywood.

The actress gave an example of her experience at an awards ceremony in Los Angeles in 2017, where she received an accolade for her contributions to the film industry. Around this time, Banks revealed that an agent had urged her to resort to plastic surgery to improve her acting goals.

“The first agent I ever met in this industry told me to get a job,” Banks said upon receiving the award. “I was so grateful that I didn’t have enough money back then to follow his advice. I also did not sign with him despite this.

Well, dropping the idea didn’t hurt her, as she made a name for herself in the entertainment industry without going under the knife.

Banks didn’t feel attractive in her early years

A look at Banks is enough to attract the admiration of both men and women. Her charm exudes an air of personal strength and beauty that many may miss.

However, growing up, the actress did not consider herself a beauty. This feeling of inadequacy pushed her to dig deep inside and bring out a funny side.

“Your funny guy develops pretty early on,” Banks said when asked about his comedic abilities during a conversation with New You. I didn’t really believe I was pretty for a long time. I never thought of that. I am very genetically blessed, I can’t deny it, but I work hard to keep myself together. Yes, I have great cheekbones and slim legs, but I can’t take the credit for it.

Despite his humble response, Banks has shown great interest in promoting self-esteem confidence. According to reports, Banks runs a podcast, “My Body My Podcast,” where she advises listeners on body positivity.

Banks is not ready to reverse his decision

Banks made so much money from his career in the entertainment industry, enough to fetch his multiple trips to the surgeon. Regardless of her success, the mother-of-two has no plans to do any work on her body now.

She revealed this personal decision on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast when asked about her opinion on plastic surgery.

“I feel the same for those kind of doctors as I do for a lot of things, like you put your livelihood and your life in their hands and who knows what could go wrong… like why am I doing this?” Said the “Hunger Games” actress.

“I try to age gracefully,” she added. “This is something I will happily say to everyone like I haven’t put anything on my face, I never had a needle in my face… I’m not interested in psychology to begin with. to get my face dirty. “

Banking career history

Banks broke into the industry over 20 years ago and killed her as an actress, producer and director. Her film debut was in the low-cost independent film “Surrender Dorothy”, released in 1998.

Since then, she has won almost 100 acting credits in different film genres. His impressive versatility can be seen in films like “The Hunger Games” franchise, “Man on a Ledge”, “What to Expect When You Expect”, “The Lego Movie”, “Magic Mike XXL”, ” Power Rangers ”and“ Brightburn ”.

Elizabeth Banks arrives at The Late Show with Steven Colbert Show

Fans will also recognize Banks’ comedic abilities as Avery Jessup in the NBC series “30 Rock,” which earned him two Primetime Emmy Award nominations. These days, the actress has focused more on climbing the directorial ladder, as seen in the sequel to “Pitch Perfect” and the reboot of the blockbuster “Charlie Angels”.

Her next work is Universal Pictures “Invisible Woman” and a collaboration with Max Handelman of Brownstone Productions to produce the thriller “Cocaine Bear”.

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