AblePay Health announces agreement with Kentucky’s Ephraim McDowell healthcare system – the advocate-messenger


Press release

Ephraim McDowell Health has signed an agreement to be a participating provider within the AblePay Health network. This agreement brings the AblePay Health model to their hospitals and representative physician groups in central Kentucky as an opportunity to ultimately benefit health care consumers in the communities they serve.

The agreement includes the three hospitals: Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center in Danville, Ephraim McDowell Fort Logan Hospital in Stanford and Ephraim McDowell James B. Haggin Hospital in Harrodsburg, as well as primary care and walk-in clinics offering 40 specialized services. .

The addition of Ephraim McDowell expands AblePay’s provider network to 49 hospital campuses and more than 1,300 specialty provider offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio and Kentucky.

“Our collaboration agreement with AblePay Health creates an exciting and innovative opportunity for both our healthcare system and our patients,” said Daniel McKay, President and CEO of EMH. “We were intrigued by AblePay’s unique business model which enables medical providers to reduce costs and increase revenues while helping healthcare consumers to diffuse rising medical spending. The program will not only financially benefit Ephraim McDowell Health, but will dramatically change the experience of our patients.

“We are delighted to add Ephraim McDowell Health to the growing list of providers participating in AblePay Health,” said John Fistner, Founder and CEO of AblePay. “The addition of Ephraim McDowell not only brings the AblePay program into a new market, but also allows us to help healthcare consumers in a state where we had no presence before. We look forward not only to helping the healthcare system meet its revenue targets, but also to providing its patients with all the benefits that AblePay has to offer.

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