A Healing Hand: Elliot’s Dr. Kalnoki-Kis provides healing and reconstructive services

Dr. Emese Kalnoki-Kis

MANCHESTER, NH – Speak with Dr. Emese Kalnoki-Kis, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Elliot Hospital, and it’s easy to see what drives her. “It’s an incredible joy to help someone, to help them feel whole again,” she says.

Dr Kalnoki-Kis – who specializes in breast reduction surgery, breast reconstruction after cancer, body contouring procedures after weight loss, wound care and facial skin cancer repair – said joined Elliot in plastic and reconstructive surgery earlier this year and is now accepting new patients.

Medical questions recently caught up with Dr. Kalnoki-Kis to get his perspective on the field of plastic surgery. It turns out that in her limited free time, she’s also an artist, focusing on oil painting. Her inspirations include Georgia O’Keefe and during our interview, Dr. Kalnoki-Kis explained that artistic ability can complement her work as a plastic surgeon. In fact, she shared that it’s not uncommon for doctors in the field of plastic surgery to also be interested in art or photography. “A lot of plastic surgeons I know have an artistic eye,” she says.

She received her MD from Wright State University in her home state of Ohio after earning a Master of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of Chicago, where she also obtained a minor in Egyptology. She completed five years of general surgery training through the Integrated Surgical Residency Program at Banner Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

She then trained for two years in plastic surgery at the University of Louisville in Kentucky, followed by specialized training in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with Dr. Dennis Hammond, an internationally renowned breast and body surgeon. .

Dr. Kalnoki-Kis shared that it was New Hampshire’s four seasons that prompted her and her family to move to Granite State.

Now in the field for several years, Dr. Kalnoki-Kis says advances in technology have had a major positive impact on the field, explaining that many surgeries can now be performed with less pain, lower risk of infection and faster recovery. Procedures using the process of fat grafting from one part of the body to another can help reduce scarring and restore blood flow to an injured area.

“I love the work I do,” she said. “I’m able to help people get back to where they were before, so they can feel good about themselves and live their everyday lives. I strive to provide excellent care by approaching each of my patients as unique individuals. With open and honest communication, my goal is to restore wholeness to a patient’s body and mind.

To learn more about Elliot’s plastic and reconstructive surgery, please call (603) 314-6450.

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