90 Day Fiancé’s Darcey Shows Off ‘Ripped’ Body After Weight Loss Procedure

Darcey Silva 90 day fiance revealed his weight loss after undergoing cavitation treatment. At 47, Darcey is one of reality TV’s best-known stars thanks to her back-to-back appearances on 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days. Darcey’s popularity led to her own twin-themed spin-off starring her sister Stacey Silva called Darcey and Stacey. But it wasn’t just Darcey’s unsuccessful relationships that brought her fame. Darcey is infamous for continually rocking plastic surgery makeovers”snatch.“This includes Darcey losing weight using cosmetic procedures or getting”mom makeover” with breast implants, fox eyes and lip lifts.


Fans may ridicule Darcey for her constant plastic surgeries, but what’s interesting is that she never hides anything she gets. In reality, 90 day fiance icon Darcey seems to openly promote the places where she has surgery. In her latest Instagram Stories, Darcey talked about going to a clinic in Connecticut for a treatment that involved skin tightening. Darcey looked cheerful as she lay on the exam table while asking her friends to “check“the beauty salon to get”nice and tight” and sculpted skin using a non-invasive procedure called “cavitation.“Darcey Called Him”so incredible.

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Darcey Silva gets a lymphatic drainage massage to lose weight

One of Darcey’s Instagram Stories videos showed her receiving lymphatic drainage treatment, also known as lymphatic massage, which appears to get rid of excess weight and give an instant hourglass figure, according to She. It apparently gets rid of excess water weight by fighting localized fat. Next, 90 day fiance‘s Darcey received a body contouring treatment called “EMS.“She explained to me that it goes up on the abs and it makes you feel”nice and tight” while rejuvenating the skin and sculpting the body. “Who doesn’t want a sculpted body guys, come on,added Darcey. Interestingly, while undergoing the procedures, Darcey didn’t look uncomfortable at all as she continued to film the process with a smile on her face.

Darcey’s extreme transformation is ridiculed by fans who think she looked great when she started her journey on 90 day fiance. It’s possible that Darcey did some pre-show work, but somehow she and Stacey’s plastic surgery became part of their storyline as well. In their final season of Darcey and Stacey, the twins even went to Turkey to get a makeover. And it will come as no surprise that their next season also tends to focus more on Darcey’s revamped look than her failing relationship with boyfriend Georgi Rusev.

But on the plus side, Darcey, who until recently was mocked for her heavy use of filters on Instagram, is being applauded for trying to use them less. More new photos and videos of Darcey on Instagram and especially Cameo show what she looks like without any editing, and sometimes even without makeup. Darcey ditching the filters is seen as an act of self-love by 90 day fiance fans who seem to care about her when they ask her to stop manipulating her body. However, in the end, it’s reality TV star Darcey’s choice to entirely choose what she does to her own face and body and when.

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Source: Darcey Silva/Instagram, Elle

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