70th Annual Armed Forces Medical Conference held in Pune

The Armed Forces Medical College, Pune hosted the 70th Annual Armed Forces Medical Conference and the 60th Armed Forces Medical Research Committee (AFMRC) meeting from February 2-4.

The three-day online conference reached a wide audience from all parts of the country, fostering a spirit of inquiry and research among young Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) researchers.

The conference, which is the highlight of the AFMS calendar, addressed a wide range of professional issues. It was inaugurated virtually by Surgeon Vice-Admiral Rajat Datta, Director General of AFMS, from New Delhi.

It has also presented awards for academic excellence in postgraduate and continuing education courses as well as Medical Journal of Armed Forces of India awards for best paper and best reviewer.

The Principal Investigators of AFMRC’s top five projects in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pathology, Community Medicine and Dental Surgery were commended. Five top research papers published by AFMS physicians were awarded the Army Chief of Staff Award, Navy Chief of Staff Award, Chief of Staff Award Air Major, the Director General’s Medal and the Lt. Gen. RS Hoon Award.

In order to foster cooperation with the civilian medical community, several guest lectures have been organized. Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar, Head of Onco-Anesthesia and Palliative Medicine at AIIMS, New Delhi, delivered a lecture on palliative care. Dr. Amit Gupta, Professor of Trauma Surgery and Critical Care at AIIMS, shared his insights on reducing the burden of injury.

The Medical Journal Armed Forces India’s oration for 2022 was delivered by Dr. T Jacob John, an eminent virologist, on the theme “Polio Eradication: The Journey and Where We Are”.

At the heart of the deliberations was the 60th annual meeting of the AFMRC which was held February 3-4. This year, 151 new research projects were discussed.

The Chief Executive commended AFMS for outstanding service during the Covid-19 pandemic and affirmed the service’s roles and responsibilities in Southeast Asia and beyond. He said AFMS assets deployed in the toughest terrain – be it the Himalayan peaks or the high seas – fulfilled their responsibilities with utmost dedication and ensured customer satisfaction.

A session on challenges included presentations by Major General Sandeep Thareja, Commanding Officer of Lucknow Command Hospital, on “comprehensive medical services during the pandemic”; Brigadier Manas Chatterjee, HQ 14 Corps, “on the challenges of managing combat health care in high altitude areas”; and Brigadier D Vivekanand on the “HR challenges of meeting individual aspirations and organizational needs”.

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